How to build an international career

Dnia 27 listopada 2017r. w ramach Światowego Tygodnia Przedsiębiorczości, w naszej szkole odbyły się wykłady w języku angielskim dla uczniów klasy językowej I JR oraz III klas liceum. Wykłady poprowadziła Madeleine Celander. Organizatorem był EF Education First z Krakowa - Partner językowy Igrzysk Olimpijskich. Temat wykładu: “How to build an international career”


Madeleine Celander is originally Swedish and have several years of international experience – from studying and working in f.i. France, the Caribbean, Denmark, UK and Switzerland. Today, she lives in Zurich, working as a Sales Manager for Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Russia and Kazakhstan – travelling between those markets to support and coach the teams. She will share her thoughts around how you can get an international career. She will talk about how to build an international network, the importance of taking risks and chances – as well as to be open minded and strategic in your choices in life. She will share own experiences and concrete recommendations of actions – on how to get one step closer to an international career after the University degree.

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